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Sponsorship levels

Proceeds of the Schott Classic go towards Schott Field equipment & field upgrades.


$ 250
  • Company name/logo on the Schott Classic and the St. Antoninus Athletic Club websites and company name/logo on event sponsor board.
  • ★ Event sponsor board to be on Schott Field concession building during Schott Classic weekend and throughout the remainder of the year.


$ 500
  • Everything in Single
  • Company name/logo on small field sign.
  • ★ Small field sign to look similar to a golf outing hole sponsor sign and shall be near/around a field strike zone.


$ 1,000
  • Everything in Single
  • Everything in Double
  • Company name/logo on a St. Antoninus Golf Outing hole sponsor sign
  • Company name/logo on a small gym sponsorship board sign
  • Team in the Schott Classic
Best value


$ 1,250
  • Company name/logo on all 2023 Schott Classic koozies.
  • ★ Koozies are given to all players in the event and sold at the event.
    ★ Only one koozie sponsor.


$ 2,500
  • Everything in Single
  • Everything in Double
  • Everything in Triple
  • Schott Classic Field Sponsor
  • ★ Schott Classic field sponsor
    includes a field named after your company and a company name/logo sign directly above the strike zone.

Grand Salami

$ 5,000
  • Everything in Single
  • Everything in Double
  • Everything in Triple
  • Everything in Home Run
  • Schott field scoreboard sponsorship sign and gym scoreboard sponsorship sign for 3 years.
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