2022 Teams List

2Ball Busters101.000000
3Big Blue010.000000
4Big Kilt Energy000.000000
5Electric Worxx201.000422
6FFBeast Mode010.00024-2
7Gems of the Highlands000.000000
8Miami Corp Shot Callaz000.000000
9Miami Corp Whiffle Ballas000.000000
10Mighty Raptors000.000000
11Moonshot Mafia000.000000
12OMC Balding Eagles000.000000
14Pitch Please000.000000
15Pitches Be Crazy000.000000
16Team 32000.000000
17Team Wagon Wheel000.000000
18Tepe Dentistry000.000000
19The Alcoballers000.000000
20The Nasty Boys...and Girls101.00007-7
21The Run Home Jacks000.000000
22The Trane is Coming Through010.00045-1
23Thunder Trunks010.000707
24V eye P000.000000
25We Have the Runs101.000541
26We Hit Nukes000.000000
27Your mom000.000000