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general rules

  • Home team vs. Visitors is determined by a coin flip
  • 3 players will be in the field, but the entire team will bat (again, choose wisely)
  • Each player can only pitch 3 outs per game.  (Recruiting Randy Johnson alone will not allow you to be lifting the trophy)
  • Gloves – No!
  • As the batter, DO NOT REACH OUT TO ATTEMPT TO CATCH A BALL.  (Automatic Strike…Strike 3 if you already have 2 strikes.)
  • Balls, buckets, beers in the field of play that are hit by a ball result in an automatic single in the infield or an automatic double in the outfield.
  • The same number of players that start the game must finish the game.  (Batting out of order results in an automatic out.)
  • Each player can only pitch 3 outs per game.  (Recruiting Randy Johnson alone will not allow you to be lifting the trophy)
  • Up to the umps discretion.
    • Fielding a ball in motion.
    • Fielding a ball in the infield/outfield.
    • Fair/Foul groundballs and homeruns.
    • Foul tips.
    • Whether or not it was a quick pitch.  (Warning- No Sean Casey routines before each pitch.)
    • Leaning in or sticking an elbow out to hit a pitch.  (Automatic Strike.  Automatic out when the batter has 2 strikes.)
  • Defense: The defense is made up of 3 players in the field, one of which is the pitcher.  The pitcher must pitch with a foot on the pitching rubber and the fielders can play anywhere.
  • All on-field disputes are settled by the umpire assigned to the game.
  • Each player has a maximum of (3) bad behavior/language warnings. On third warning, player and team will be ejected from the tournament. More will be discussed on this topic at the rules review prior to the tournament.
  • Winning team reports score to the command center.


  • Foul tips are strikes.
  • A ball must end up in the strike zone net.
  • A ball that doesn’t clear the 15 ft. foul line in play.


  • Strike outs – A strike out occurs if you swing and miss on the third strike or if the ball ends up in the in the strike zone net without swinging.
  • Pop Outs – Anything caught (fair or foul) is an out.
  • Ground outs – A ground out occurs when a fielder (includes pitcher) fields a ball IN MOTION in the singles zone.  A fielded ball is one that does not hit the ground after the initial contact. Bobbles that don’t hit the ground are still outs.
  • You cannot strikeout on a foul ball.



pool/group play

  • The day kicks off with pool/group play.  Every team is guaranteed 4 games. 
  • Pool/Group play consists of 3 innings.
  • Pool/Group Play Tie breaker – 1) Head to head  2) Run differential 3) runs scored 4) coin flip

tournament play

  • All teams from each pool will advance to Bracket Play.
    • Ties between two teams will be decided by head-to-head, then runs scored, then run differential.
  • Bracket Play will be single elimination. Each game will consist of 3/5 innings.
  • Each player must pitch one inning before any player pitches a second inning

the field

60 Degree Field of View from Home Plate
Home Run Fence at 75′

the zone