2023 Teams List

1A Case of the Wiffles030.000000
2All About That Base210.667000
3Ball Busters210.667000
4Base-ic Pitches030.000000
5Big Kilt Energy301.000404
6Boats and Joe’s120.333000
7Bomb Droppers110.333000
8Cincy Light120.333000
9Cleat Yo’ Self120.333000
10Dad Bod Allstars120.33304-4
11Dirty Mike and The Boyz200.667000
12Electric Worxx Seniors210.667000
13Just a Bit Outside210.667000
15Moonshot Mafia210.667000
17OMC Balding Eagles030.000000
18Owen's Prime Time Crew030.00023-1
19Team Explodersheimer110.33346-2
20The Blue Ballers020.00045-1
21The Doug Out Hitters210.667000
22The Smokin Lefties200.667000
23The Trane is Coming Through200.667110
24The Whiffle Ballers120.333000
25Thunder Trunks100.333000
26Turkish Bath Massagers110.333541
27We Hit Nukes v2200.667110
28YSM Sports210.667642